BBS G, Academic English Intermediate, Mitsu Matsuoka, Nagoya University

School of Health Sciences, Wednesday 3rd Period, 2nd Term, 2017



[201] Topic:6 Achievements vs. Talents Name:Kaito Tosaki Date:2018/01/17(水) 16:19 
I completely agree with this opinion. Let me give two reasons for my agreement.
First, I think that children are happier when they are praised for their achievements than when people reward their talents. When I was a junior high school student, I could not get a high score on the test, although I studied hard. I felt so depressed that I was reluctant to study anymore. One day my mother said to me, “I know you studied hard. Your effort will be rewarded someday. You must not give up.” She encouraged me to do my best. Since then, I started studying again, so my grades improved. My parents praised me. I was very happy. If it had not been for her advice, I could not have entered Nagoya University.
Second, in the companies, I think that employees who were praised for their achievements will try to make more efforts. Conversely, workers who were recognized for their talents will depend on their own talents and not make any effort. I think that a capable person is not so much talented one as a hard worker. It is such a person that companies really look for and want to employ.
In conclusion, it is the most important thing to appreciate the process to success. I believe that process is more important than results. In fact, Everyone is not always gifted. So, parents or teachers should develop children’s talent, not praise for talent because I think that children will thrive on praise. (250 words)

[200] Topic6: Achievements vs. Talents Name:Takahashi Natsuho Date:2018/01/14(日) 00:39 
I partly agree with this opinion. I will explain some reasons for supporting my opinion.
First, generally, the result is more visible than talent. I will tell you what I experienced. I belong to the gymnastics club at university. Gymnastics has a department to compete in groups. The members of the group are chosen from those who are good at among belonging to the club. Members of the group are selected in rehearsal of the match. No matter how hard we practice, we cannot become a member unless we give results. In the world of competitive sports, most people want to win. From such a point of view, we have no other way than to choose this method. This is not limited to gymnastics it will be common to many competitions. This way has no problem with athletes with excellent grades. However, in spite of earnestly practice, how feel athletes who were not elected group member? They may lose confidence and quit their efforts.
Second, let think about what I do when I get a job in a company in the future. From a long time ago in japan, there is a tendency to try to evaluate efforts rather than achievements. Do not being late or absenteeism and work overtime are considered valuable. Surely, a lot of effort is necessary to do them. The problem here is that, in most cases, these efforts are formal. Even if excellent talent finishes work quickly, or if you clear up work quickly in an effective way, it may not be accepted under such circumstances, can we expect social development?
As described above, there are good sides and bad sides in the opinion that we should evaluate the results rather than our talents.

[199] Topic6: Achievements vs. Talents Name:Mai Mizubayashi Date:2018/01/13(土) 16:03 
I completely agree with this opinion. I think it is important opinion for all of us to live actively. Let me give two reasons for my agreement.

First, most people make an effort in order to achieve something and to be appreciated. So, if talentless people have no chance to be appreciated, they would lose their motivation. On the other hand, if talented people are appreciated without making much effort, they may become arrogant and tend not to work hard. It concerns me that such people can make serious mistakes. I think people should believe that achievements are more important than talent.

Second, when people accomplish something which they cannot do well at first, they can get satisfaction. Even if they cannot get good results, their try to achieve goals with much effort also make deep impression on people around them. You can easily understand what I mention here if you imagine a university entrance exam or the Olympic games. I think people who work hard toward their goals are lively and beautiful. Furthermore, parents will be proud of their earnest children as well as their talented ones, and employers will regard the earnest employees as reliable. They may get more important work someday.

I know some talented people also make much effort. However, in conclusion, I think it is bad that parents, teachers and employers give talented people excessive reward. I want them to appreciate people working hard. As for employees, it will also help the companies to success. (250 words)

[198] Topic6: Achievements vs. Talents Name:Kana Saima Date:2018/01/12(金) 02:24 
I almost agree with this opinion. Let me give two reasons for my agreement.
The first reason is that in a company, employers can know desire for work of employees more easily by achievements rather than talents. In addition, competition is born within the company to make achievements; it lead to growth of the whole company. In Japan, companies that adopt a performance-based salary system rather than a seniority salary system increase.
The second reason is that even in school, the test is the best way for the teachers to measure the students’ effort. Even if you have a talent to learn quickly, there is no meaning in studying that you can not understand and make full use of the contents you studied. A tool to try to see wheather students can do them is a test. Like the first reason, students compete to make good marks on the test and make an effort to enter a good university. They study hard as a result. Therefore, teachers should reward them by their achievements.
Even if you have a wonderful talent, I do not think it has any meaning unless you can not make a achievement. However, I think that knowing a talent you have originally and using it for your studies and work is connected to achievements, so it is necessary for you to be evaluated by talents. Also, if continuing to strive is one of talents, I think that evaluating its talent is very important. There is a proverb in Japan that "continuity is the father of success.” A cycle to make an effort based on my talent, to make achievements, to be rewarded by them and to achieve a sense of fulfillment is my ideal.

[197] Topic5: Change Your Hometown Name:Kana Saima Date:2018/01/12(金) 01:55 
My hometown is Matsumoto in Nagano prefecture. In Matsumoto, a beautiful cityscape is made by historic buildings such as National Treasure Matsumoto Castle and Important Cultural Property Old Kaichi School. In addition, art activities such as crafts, arts and music are prospering. Matsumoto is also rich in nature unique to Nagano Prefecture such as Kamikochi and Utsukushigahara what have become a stage for dramas and movies.
Although there are lots of such good points in my hometown, I think that Matsumoto will become a more wonderful city if it is urbanized. This is because I started living in Nagoya and noticed that there was a big difference in the convenience of Matsumoto and Nagoya, the big city. To urbanize, we should first improve convenience for transportation. There isn’t the Shinkansen in Matsumoto and it takes three hours even if we use a limited express for the adjacent prefecture such as Aichi prefecture. Also in the case of traveling in the prefecture, there are only one bus and train an hour in some areas and it is inconvenient if you don’t have a car. Then, how about enhancing the subway or calling in Shinkansen like Nagoya? If we do it, a flow of people and money should be better. In addition, I think that this is an eccentric idea, locating the prefectural capital in Matsumoto would be one of the proposals to urbanize. If so, Matsumoto will definitely be the center of the prefectural government and develop as a result. Besides, the prefectural capital in Nagano prefecture was originally supposed to be located in not Nagano but Matsumoto, actually. So I wanted Matsumoto to become the prefectural capital.
I love Matsumoto. No matter how Matsumoto is improved, I want Matsumoto to be more vibrant, leaving good merits that exist today.

[196] Topic 6: Achievements vs. Talents Name:Nanase Watanabe Date:2018/01/10(水) 08:21 
I completely agree with this opinion. We should reword the achievements than the talents. Let me show the reasons why I think so.

First, it is very difficult for us to reword the talents. We can’t see the talents but we can see achievements. For example, we often say that children have an infinity of possibilities. The saying means they have many talents. However, they cannot come to do many things and make many achievements. They cannot come to be good at many things as the saying says. They may have many talents, but we cannot know that they have talents or not. So I think we reword the achievements than the talents because the talents are invisible to us.

Second, we cannot earn much money by only talents. I think working means showing our results to our society. We contribute to our society in many ways of works. We work as different professions and all professions are useful in our society. By showing many results and achievements, we can work as a member of our world. However, we cannot give the results by having talents. We need many chances and efforts to change talents to achievements. So we may not be able to make our living by having talents.

For these reasons, I think we should reword the achievement. However, I think the achievements are birthed from the talents. So talents are as important as achievements I think so too.

[195] Topic5:Change Your Hometown Name:Nanase Watanabe Date:2018/01/10(水) 08:20 
If I can change something important about my town, I want to change the ways of sightseeing. In my hometown, there was a famous battle in period of the warring states. The battle is introduced in the text of history. However, people who don’t learn the Japanese history don’t know the battle. I want to let many people know about the battle and my hometown. So, I want to change this situation.

First, I will advertise the battle and the history of my town. Of course my town has already advertised them, but it doesn’t achieve a significant result. I suggest using many social networking services. There are many kinds of social networking services and users of them are different from the services. Some social networking services are used by many young people, and others are used by adults. I think we should write articles of them depending on users of them.

Second, I want to build some historical places in my town. To be honest, there is only a few historical place in my town. There was a castle in my town many years ago. However, it was destroyed and rickety stone wall is only left now. Stone wall has a historical worth, but many people don’t enjoy only looking it. So I want to build big historical museum in my town. We can learn about my town history deeply and enjoy sightseeing in my town.

These are my ideas to change this situation. Now, many people leave my town and few people visit my town as a sightseeing. My town become desolate rapidly. I like my hometown, so I want to change this situation somehow. I hope that my hometown revitalizes someday. 

[194] Topic 6: Achievements vs. Talents Name:Kuchina Yasunori Date:2018/01/10(水) 00:25 
I agree with evaluating against achievement over talent. This may seem dissatisfied with someone with talent, but I have two reasons.

First, even if there is talent there is no point if there is no achievement. For example, he would not be appreciated by people around us if he did not have a track record even though he was said to be able to do the work. If you have talent, I would like you to get a track record. On the contrary, I think that it is recognized that that person is talented only by giving a merit. Besides, although talent is of nature, we need to refine.

Second, it is difficult to evaluate talent, even finding that talent may be difficult. Perhaps you call a person who finds and hone its talent as a name leader, but not all people can be. Since talent is not invisible, it is easier for the general public to evaluate performance. Also, I think that it is easier to motivate those who are evaluated to motivate themselves to keep track of their achievements. If you evaluate only talent, you will only produce lazy people. I believe that it will lead to an active society by admitting achievements.

People with talents may have greater accomplishments than others, even people who are not talented can make achievements depending on their efforts. Achievement will be a great indicator in evaluating that person. It is important not to think about whether there is a talent or not, but to work on all things with things. (259words)

[193] Topic6 Achievements vs. Talents Name:Aoi watanabe Date:2018/01/10(水) 00:07 
I agree with this opinion. Let me describe the reason below.

First , talent is "the inherent ability that each can skillfully do things." It is natural that there's people who are said to be "good instructions" or "good", people who are not told, from each other. There is also a reality that people who don't have talent can't match people who have talent even if they make efforts. However no matter how skillfully you do, people who are not talented will be better in terms of effort . By accumulating effort, there is also the possibility that people without talent may produce significant results someday. In other words, rather than praising people who possess talent, emphasis should be placed on achievements.

Second, I will state from my own experience. No matter how seriously I worked in elementary school painting classes, my grades were inferior to my skillful friend and that was never recovered. Even when I thought that it was "good",the evaluation from the teacher was severe, although it was a grade of elementary school students, there was a part that I could not understand as my feeling at the time. I remember motivating me soon and I was receiving that lesson with a feeling of throwing.

If parents, teachers and employers praise people's talent, people who are not talented will lose motivation and will interfere with studies and work. By making their achievements more important than their talents, children and employees can work diligently on academic work and work and get further results.

From the above, I think that it is important to reward the achievements, not the talent. (271words)

[192] Topic 6: Achievements vs. Talents Name:Saori Nakao MAIL Date:2018/01/09(火) 20:44 
I agree with this opinion. Consider the advantages and disadvantages that talents should be evaluated, and the advantages and disadvantages that the achievements
should be evaluated.

The first thing that talent should be evaluated is that by being evaluated for talents, it is possible for us to further improve talents. The disadvantage is that the evaluation of talents is different for each person. If you evaluate on the achievements it will be obvious and most people will do the same kind of evaluation, but the ability has no standard and the evaluation will be each person. Also, the concept of ability is also ambiguous itself.

The second the advantage that results should be evaluated is that motivation can be maintained by evaluating individual achievements and by having competition within the team, we can expect an overall level up. The disadvantage is that attention is paid to the immediate results only and there is a possibility that long-term things will be negligible and it is a competition among individuals, so that the atmosphere inside the company worsens.

From the above, I think that achievements should be evaluated rather than talents. By doing so, you can prevent useless time and money from being wasted by society and individuals. Also, even in university entrance examinations, equal right is given to everyone by evaluating efforts more than talent. Actually, I was able to enter Nagoya University because I worked hard. I believe this is the result of my efforts being evaluated rather than talents.


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