BBS G, Academic English Intermediate, Mitsu Matsuoka, Nagoya University

School of Health Sciences, Wednesday 3rd Period, 2nd Term, 2017



[215] Topic 6: Achievements vs. Talents  Name:Yuta Kobayashi Date:2018/02/10(土) 11:55 
I completely agree with this opinion. Let me give two reasons for my agreement.

First, for the person in the upper position, it is easier to praise the achievement than to praise the talent. The talent is only a relative evaluation, but the achievement can only be made to determine whether it has reached a clear standard. It is necessary to make the standard which existed in the individual, and it is still by far easy.

Second, the reason is that it is equal to praise achievement. The praise is very important not only for children but also for adults. Talent depends on individual qualities. Therefore, if you praise only the talent, the person who cannot be praised will always come out. On the other hand, it is possible for anyone to achieve a problem in the individual's qualities. I think the best advantage is that there are equal opportunities to be praised. For example, when you praise a child, it is more equal to praise that they have done things and homework, rather than praise what they can do. If you only praise what they can do, children who are not good at studying or exercising decrease the number of praise. Depending on the talent, the amount of effort required to achieve the process is different, but the result of "achieved" does not change.

For these reasons, it is good for both of the praise side and the praised side to praise achievement because it has a definite standard.

[214] Topic5: Change Your Hometown  Name:Yuta Kobayashi Date:2018/02/10(土) 11:54 
My hometown is Nagoya. Nagoya is a big city, but it is said to be an unattractive city as you know it. I think the way to improve this is to change the streets. Let me give two reasons for my opinion.

The central part of Nagoya, especially the town of Sakae, is very orderly and has a grid shape. This is very clear and easy to walk. However, there are few "walking pleasures" such as Tokyo and Osaka. What is interesting about Tokyo and Osaka? I think there are a lot of small shops lined up. Various shops will bring new discoveries and provide the pleasure of walking in the city. On the other hand, Nagoya has been putting together shops in commercial facilities. The same kind of shop is lined up in the building. It's going to be there with a purpose, and it will be difficult to make a new discovery.

Moreover, the spectacle is not so good while Sakae is orderly. Most buildings look like each other, and there are heavy traffic and street parking. These are given as a factor of it. The commercial facilities with multiple stores are also one that undermines the landscape. As for the traffic volume, the measures such as doing the pedestrian zone are taken, but it is likely not to give the tourist a very good impression still.

People in Nagoya are not very good at how to put out stores or design buildings. It is not suitable for the tourist though it is easy to live for the living person. If we do not learn how to show, and change the city, the title of the town will not disappear forever.(283words)

[213] Achievements vs. Talents Name:Shizuka Naruse Date:2018/02/07(水) 16:10 
I completely agree with the opinion that people who evaluate someone should reward achievements rather than talents. Let me give two my experiences that support my agreement.

I started to play softball when I was in elementary school. At that time, I was given a pitcher. Then, I joined the softball club at junior high school. The parson who had good physique, strength, and talent were elected as a pitcher here. Among them, there was an outstanding talented person. Thanks to her, our softball team had been steadily strengthening. Our director distinguished her from us. Specifically, he forgiven her laziness and little mistakes. When she got injured, he put gentle words to her; in our case, he told us that he would not use us as a regular unless our injury is cured. I disliked these things very much.

When I was in high school, I was not good at English. One of my friends was a returnee and very good at English. I thought I could not defeat her in this subject. I asked my homeroom teacher to increase my English grade by issuing challenges every day. Then my English ability grew sharply in one year. Finally, I was able to win in the test of English to my returnee friend. My homeroom teacher said that this result is a testimony of your efforts. I was very grad to hear that and knew the importance of admitting efforts and achievements.

As you can see from my experiences, evaluating people with talent may make others feel aversions. On the other hand, evaluating people with achievement can make everyone feel happy. From the above, I perfectly agree with this opinion. (279Words)

[212] Topic 6: Achievements vs. Talents Name:matsushima.yuki Date:2018/02/07(水) 15:57 
We should value each person’s talents because it should be required in some area such as music, sport, and arts. However I agree with the opinion that achievements should be evaluated more than talents by parents, teachers, and employers. Let me give two reasons for my opinion.

First, although talents are unequal, achievements are equal. Talents mean that something people have since they were born. If people consider talents are more important than achievement, what should those who do not have talents do? In achievement, everyone can seek by making efforts. Talented people who make no efforts will lose non-talented people who try hard. In this way, achievements are equal. People will not make efforts when achievements are not evaluated.

Second, talents are invisible and but achievements are visible. However wonderful your talent is, if you cannot show it for people around you, your talent is something useless. When we evaluate something, we should set clear rules. In this way, how can we compare talents which are invisible? In my experience, being smart is talent and academic ability is achievement. It seems to resemble but they quit differ: the former cannot be displayed by figure but the latter can. We cannot fairly compare invisible things.

In conclusion, parents, teachers and employers should reward achievement rather than talents because achievement is equal and clear. As the present circumstance, I think Japanese society consider achievement more important than talents in school and company and for this reason, we can get motivation and competitive spirits.

[211] Topic 5: Change Your Hometown Name:matsushima.yuki Date:2018/02/07(水) 14:54 
My hometown is Tochigi city. It is the third largest city in Tochigi prefecture. I want to change my hometown, Tochigi city, with making highly-selective university. Let me give some reasons.

More and more young people are moving out of this town. Aging population with declining young people is remarkable. Why young people would like to leave their Tochigi city? I think it is because there is no national university and few options of places of employment. Once they left this city to go to university, they will not return. If high educational university is made, we can keep young people from moving to other places. On the contrary, young people will come to this town! If high-educated people stay at this town during their university, they might choose to continue staying.
Moreover, Tochigi city needs to resolve many problems about depopulation and if high-educated people who come or stay to that university work for problems, situations will be better.

When I first came to Nagoya to the entrance exam of Nagoya University two years ago, I was surprised to see advertisement which said that let’s get a job in your hometown! I noticed that many people who lived around Nagoya city did not want to leave their hometown. At the same time I thought that it is because there are many places of employment around Nagoya. It is difficult for Tochigi city to attract enterprises from other place and increase charming places of employment in the current situation. Making high-educational university gather young people whom corporations want and who may resolve the situation.

[210] Topic 4: Change Jobs or Not Name:matsushima.yuki Date:2018/02/07(水) 13:40 
In Japanese society, staying the same job seems better. The pay system of Japanese companies is established based on seniority. However, more and more people are changing their jobs recently. They are seeking a new environment. I have friends who have changed their jobs and they say their conditions have got better. Which is better changing jobs or not? I think staying is. Let me give two reasons.

First, staying the same job makes us skilled person. I have been working part time job in the same place for two years. As time passed, my skill and trust from other people has developed. At the same time, I can work easily and successfully. We can get a large stock of knowledge and build personal relationship by staying the same place.

Second, changing jobs do not have the end. Once started changing the job, they are getting to hope to change the job in the new company. It’s like a blue bird syndrome in the fairy tale story. If you hate your present job and reach the limit of your endurance, changing your job is one of the good choices for you but the endless pursuit of most suitable job will not lead ideal job.

In my conclusion, staying the same job is better because it gives us skills and relationship of many years. If you cannot possibly stand keeping your current job, you should change it. However, if you do not have to do, you should keep working in the same job.

[209] Topic 3: Computer Games Name:matsushima.yuki Date:2018/02/07(水) 13:01 
I have heard that computer can help children improve logical thinking before. However, I agree with the opinion that children should not do too much time because they can learn something important by other than computer games. Let me show two reasons.

First, children should play outside with their friends. According to the Ministry of education, children not-play outside trend to be lower than children play outside in average because of lack of exercise. In addition, they can learn to communication with their friends and make their body strong when they do so. Also, playing outdoors can make them refresh. Computer games make children refrain from taking outside but it is necessary for them touching nature and communication with other people and enjoy playing. If children are always confines to their room and playing games alone, they cannot do such things.

Second, if the situation getting worse, they disturb children’s lifestyle. You may have such a friend who have been playing computer games all the night and haven’t had enough sleep. People tend to feel the time of sleeping wasteful when they are into something. Especially, computer games do not have end so that they cannot stop them. Not only sleeping but also eating, studying, working they might sacrifice.

In conclusion, children should enjoy playing computer games within bounds. Playing games by itself is good for children who like it, but enthusing about them too much will result in bad for children and their parents. Not banning games, parents should make efforts to have their children an interest other than them.

[208] Topic 2: Harmless Entertainment? Name:matsushima.yuki Date:2018/02/07(水) 13:00 
We often hear the news that young people commit a murder in the TV or newspaper and some blame the violent television shows, movies, and video games for such crimes. However, I do not agree with them. Let me give reasons for my opinion.

First, according to the statistics, the total number of criminals of young people has not increased since there was not such a violent entertainment. It has reached its peak in 60’s and 90’s but it has been decreasing after the late 90’s. In brutal crime, the number has also fallen. We cannot say that such entertainments make young people violent.

Second, I think what has effects for brutality is largely home environment. Surroundings of someone’s childhood have the power to form their personality the most. I heard that a child abused by their parents tend to do their children when they have grown up. Overprotection and pressure for academic background by parents also cause madness. Of cause violent entertainment is one of the surroundings of young people but it effects only for short time. A research shows that children tended to become more violent after playing such things but it didn’t last. I can say from this research if children keep playing such games or watching such TV all day and all night, children’s personalities are getting violent. However, such children must have other problems in their home for parents do not keep their children from such a fool things.

In conclusion, I cannot say that violent entertainment makes young people violent because statistics and research showing the relationship between them scientific have not be published.

[207] Topic 1: The Harm in Charity Name:matsushima.yuki Date:2018/02/07(水) 12:10 
I largely agree with their opinion that charity may make people abandon work but in some part I disagree.Let me give two examples showing that charity is necessary and beneficial.

First, the cycle of poverty will not be ended without economic assistance for poor people. It is necessary for them to give education and acquire skills enough to support themselves, which cost a lot of money. It is true that high-educated people who have a college degree make money much higher than low-educated. The rich can easily take such high educations but the poor cannot. If we leave it as it is, the gap between them will be become huge. To avoid this, charity is a useful way.

Second, it is only when we offer charity to the recipients indiscriminately that it become a waste of money. Generally, charity is not a purpose but a means for poor people. The recipients should not expect get money for nothing. Also, we, provide charity, should set the requirement and limit strictly. In the Republic of Nauru, which is the third smallest country, the people do not know what work is because their income depends on public assistance from other countries. The unemployment rate is quit high there. It is one of examples that charity makes people lazy.

My conclusion is that charity should be offered with the rules and it helps poor people get out of the cycle of poverty. If we do so, charity will be a good means for happiness.

[206] Topic5 change your hometown Name:Akuzawa Manami Date:2018/02/06(火) 23:54 
My hometown is Yokkaichi. Yokkaichi is in the north of Mie prefecture, so many people commute or go to school to Nagoya. What is more, it is relatively easy for us to go to Tokyo and Osaka. In addition, the riches of nature still abound in Yokkaichi, because Yokkaichi is surrounded by mountains and the sea. From these kinds of reasons, I think that Yokkaichi is convenient and like my town. However, there are many people who have a bad impression of Yokkaichi. That is why they know many people was suffered from environmental pollution. It is known as “Yokkaichi zennsoku.” So, I want to change these bad impressions.
I would like you to know decorative illumination of petrochemical complexes. Mighty complexes with sophisticated functional beauty charm many people by powerful picture in the day and fantastic sparkle at night. We can easily enjoy fantastic night view of factory from exhibition room at 100 above the ground. We can also enjoy night view reflected on the surface of the water from the sea because ship cruises are being held on a regular basis. Besides, there are many spots that can be safely viewed from the land. That is, we can enjoy night view of factory from the sea, land and sky.
Pollution problems such as air pollution and water pollution due to industrial wastewater also occurred during the development process. However, it was greatly improved by a hard effort of citizen, business entity, administrative government, and regained a good environment. I am happy if I change your bad impressions of Yokkaichi.


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